Visualized Success Paths

Get a bird’s eye view of your goals and the paths to success

Screenshot of GoalCanvas

Achieving success is hard.

Hard choices are everywhere

Whether it is getting closer to your dream job, launching a business or getting a complex project off the ground, you won't succeed without making critical decisions along the way.

road sign

See the full picture

GoalCanvas allows us to visualize different possible paths to success and use our spatial intelligence to better reason about what needs to be done and when.

Do only what needs to be done

End up with concise TODO lists which include exactly what needs to be done to achieve goals and reach milestones along the way.


As simple as writing

Using GoalCanvas is as simple as writing down your goals and milestones, one by one, then connecting them together. The visual representation of your Goals is updated instantly as you type.

Try it out yourself

(Best enjoyed using a full keyboard and a larger-than-phone-sized screen)